Easy carpet cleaning tips

Regular cleaning from now and then will help you carpet sparkle in no time. It doesn’t matter what type of stains it has, with a little effort you can remove them of all. You don’t have to waste huge amounts of money on carpet cleaning service, thinking that carpet cleaning is a difficult job. With our expert help, we will tell you the easiest way to clean the carpet and save effort and money.

Tested carpet cleaning tips

The powder is a great cleaning product and also a great mean to clean the carpet. You can use baking soda for this or use a specially designed powder for carpets. Sprinkle the powder on the whole surface of the carpet. Leave it there for 30 minutes. If you can, it would be great to leave it overnight; it will give you great results. When the time is up, just vacuum the powder.

On the other hand, you can also use shampoo. Considering so many brands on the market, make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. When you open shampoo, mix it with the water to create a foam. Make sure to use an enough shampoo, but not too much. Otherwise, you won’t be able to rinse the carpet. Carpet shouldn’t be wet too much because it will need it a long time to dry. Use a brush to scrub the areas that only have stains, let it dry and afterward vacuum the shampoo.


Shampoo vs. powder

When it comes to cleaning carpets, experts from carpet cleaning Sidney say water and soap won’t be enough. Especially if you have problems with hardcore stains. But what product will have the better effect on the carpet? If you are dealing with tackling stains and dirt, it is better to use carpet powder; you will finish the job more quickly. It will take you hours for shampoo to dry. On the other hand, if you are looking for detailed cleaning, you should use shampoo.

What natural products you can use to clean a carpet?

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If you would rather avoid chemical, or if you have sensitive skin and nose, you can always use natural products. You would be surprised how many of them you have in your kitchen cupboards. Soda water or tonic water is a great way to remove coffee stains. You can use salt to remove dirt and mud from the carpets, or you can soak fresh stains. On the other hand, baking soda will eliminate all the unpleasant smells. Just remember, before using any of these products, test it on small areas.

How to clean isolated stains?

The best way to remove them is to clean then as soon as possible before they dry. For this don’t use any brush because you will smash the stain all over the carpet. Instead of this, just blot it. Outside of the cleaning and natural products, you can use an ice cube to remove the gum, or for smelly stains the mixture of vinegar and water.

Author: Jim Thomson

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